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3 Basic Benefits of Ajax

Since Ajax was introduced into the world of programming, the concept has become incredibly popular and any smart programmer has his eyes set on it. After you understand what is Ajax, the next important thing is to know the main benefits of this concept when used in web applications.


1. Callbacks

Generally speaking, Ajax comes with a plethora of benefits than you would probably imagine starting with callbacks. Ajax is used for performing a callback where it makes a fast round trip to/from the server. Through the round trip, Ajax is able to retrieve or save data even without having to post back the whole web page to the server. With no full postback being required and without the need to send to the server all form data, this incredibly minimizes network utilization and faster operations thereby occur. For locations and sites having a restricted bandwidth, the network performance can be improved greatly. The server is essentially not needed when callbacks are used for processing all form elements. Only the necessary and important data will be sent and the server only undertakes limited processing and this makes it quick to do your job.

2. Asynchronous Calls

In your research for what is Ajax, you are also likely to learn that it can be used for making asynchronous calls as well. This is highly beneficial as you will be able to make those asynchronous calls to the web server as necessary. What this actually means is that the client browser doesn’t have to wait for all the data requested to arrive before the user is allowed to initiate other actions. This saves you a great deal of time and makes it much easier to work with it.

3. User Friendliness

The user friendliness of Ajax is something that can’t be taken for granted in anyway. This is because it eliminates the need of a page postback when working with it. What this implies is that any Ajax application will be more user-friendly, faster and more responsive. And another advantage is that the concept comes with increased speed and improved usability. This web application also has a high level of performance as well which makes it an incredible awesome to work with. As you can see, there is really more to what is Ajax and these benefits are what makes it an awesome concept to work with.



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