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5 Free Tools for Web Development

Throughout the years I have hoarded bookmarks upon bookmarks of resources for Web Development, Web Design, the works. Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to share these with you, because I have in fact lost most of them. However, much like a piece of treasure I have kept several Tools for Web Development in mind as I know they will be eternally useful.

5. Try Ruby


This is one useful tool, practice Ruby right here, right now in browser. Users are able to enter a command ‘help’ to begin a 15 minute Interactive tutorial and, don’t worry, if you consider yourself intermediate you can always skip lessons by entering ‘next’. As the website infers, it is a good starting point for Ruby!

4. Favigen



Everyone needs a Favicon, the deterrent being they are extremely tedious to create – well, not anymore, this tool will do the work for you.

3. ProCSSor


This handy little tool will format CSS to make it elegant and readable again. Additionally it could improve page loading times as code is reduced in size. Either way – this is worth checking out.

2. Javxs


A handy little online tool for converting HTML to JavaScript. Just paste your content and have it processed on the spot.

1. JsFiddle


Well the name says it all, fiddle about as much as you like in your very own code-playground. It can be used as an online editor for snippets from HTML, CSS and JavaScript and this is can be easily shared with others. Enjoy!

Well that’s 5 Free Web Development Tools for now. And you’ve run out of excuses – get back to it. Keep checking for more resources.


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Jamie Irwin

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