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What is Ajax?

So, what is ajax? Well, most people tend to think that ajax is one of those programming languages or tools found out there. While this might not be exactly what Ajax is all about, it is however not far from the truth as such. In a nutshell, Ajax is essentially a concept or in other words, it is essentially client side script is able to communicate to/ from a database/ server with having to refresh the page completely or require a postback. Another definition that tries to explain this concept is that Ajax is a method in which data is exchanged with a server with web page parts being updated with no need of having the entire page reloaded.

In itself, Ajax is essentially a generic term that stands for a wide range of JavaScript techniques that are used for dynamic connection to the web server without having to load multiple pages. Some experts answer the question of what is ajax by saying that it is a concept that makes use of the XmlHttpRequest objects for dynamic interaction with the web serve through JavaScript. In the broader sense of it, Ajax essentially stands for the Asynchronous JavaScript XML.

Ajax is essentially the new technique in town when it comes to creation of a faster, much better and even more interactive web app with the assistance of CSS, XML, Java Script and HTML. Ideally speaking, XHTML is used by Ajax for content while CSS is used for presentation. Synchronous requests are used for information transmission to/ from the server through the conventional web application. What this actually means is that a form needs to be filled out, click on submit and you will then be directed to an all new webpage where info from the server is contained.

XML in Ajax is mainly used as the common format in which server data is received even though it is possible to use any format which even includes plain text. This web browser technology is independent of the web server software. When you are using Ajax, you can continue making use of the application as the client program continues to request the server from information required in the background. Natural and intuitive user interaction is enhanced by Ajax and only mouse requirement will be required to trigger an event without any clicking. So, if you were asking what is ajax, then you have all the details you need right with you.

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