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5 Quick Essential SEO Tips

1. Keyword Research

First and foremost, if you do your research in Google Adwords thoroughly and effectively it will make the entire process which follows much easier. Essentially, search engines revolve around Keywords. I personally use a lot of free resources to determine my best suited keyword ideas, my recommendation is to use Google’s own Adword tool. If you are an intermediate user and are doing this on a commercial level, Wordtracker.

2. Unique Value Adding Content

Feed Google with value-added content, contribute something unique in your sector and importantly, up-to-date. Make this content readable, captivate readers, convert views and publicise on social media channels to generate consistent readership. On the webmaster’s side, this unique content must be published regularly and can be enhanced by content specific videos and images.

3. Reviews

Ultimately, most of you will be offering a product or service and depending what niche your website operates in, you should always make it possible for customers or clients to write a review. Hopefully, this review will be positive. Additionally, to provide that level of customer service and demonstrate interactivity with clients, provide prompt replies to questions or queries.

4. Social Media Popularity

As part of a good marketing strategy the webmaster should focus on developing their own brand on all active Social Media channels (note: create an account on as many platforms as possible). It should go without saying any serious website will have a sleek, fresh, unique logo image which is memorable and relevant to their niche. This way your branding will be in the heads of your customers and they will remember you for future business.  Oh and like above, be interactive and be prompt in your responses.

5. Backlinks

This list was in no particular order, all are essential, however link building should be prioritised and is critical to your page authority. Ideally, you should be practising white hat techniques and link building naturally. More significantly, backlinks to your site must be content relevant and Google account for this in weighing backlink ranking.

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Jamie Irwin

Jamie Irwin

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Author: Jamie Irwin