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Building links is not an easy task. But this method, obviously, isn’t the only way to increase website authority for higher results in SERP. A few years ago building links was crucial and the SEO firms then needed to publish unique content. Today SEO practitioners have various levers that can be pulled to boost the search traffic without the need of building links. Below are some of the best practices by experienced SEO’s to increase traffic.

  1. In- depth articles

According to a source, around 6% of search results have in-depth articles. This may not look like a big number but the articles which qualify this get a noticeable increase in traffic.

  1. Improve user satisfaction

Can the Google ranking be improved by correcting the experience of the user’s onsite? The answer to the question is yes, and according to many experienced digital marketers the effect can be bigger than what is expected. It is known that Panda algorithm by Google punishes the low quality websites and Google generally calculates the satisfaction of the users when they click on a search result.

  1. Rich snippets from well structured data

Google keeps expanding the kinds of rich snippets that it displays in the search result including the songs, videos, breadcrumbs and events.

  1. Video optimization

Video snippets have more number of real estate search than any other kind of rich snippet, it is more that authorship photos as well. Video snippets do not need to be connected to Google+ account and easier to display. Video snippets require making sitemap, video XML and adding

  1. Google authorship

Scoring in the coveted author photo does not guarantee more number of clicks, but the right photo will get good rating in a number of results.

  1. Improve site speed

The site speed not just improves the user’s satisfaction but also have an influence on te search ranking. Site speed has been ranked as one of the factors by Google.

  1. Smartphone SEO

Apart from the speed, if the website is not configured to the smartphones, most likely it will have a low ranking in the search result. Smartphone errors can have a low mobile ranking, but what is smart phone error? It includes redirecting user’s to wrong mobile URL, pop up which do not close easily on mobile and fonts and buttons that are too tiny for a mobile.

  1. Expanding International Audience

Does your webpage have the potential to run well apart from you existing country or language? Often it is said that the opportunity to show up in the international search result is better that just staying in the existing country and the competition may also seem less. You must check if it is worth it before making any investment.

  1. Social annotations

When you share a content on the social networking site, your network will only see it if it is looking good, but if you share on Google+ then your network will be able to see it each time they search on Google

10. Snippet optimization

In the last couple of years Google has altered the length of the headings so that it does not depend on the number of factors anymore, but the pixel used is around 500 pixels. This goes on changing as Google comes up with new layout.

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