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Only 45% iPhone of Users Have upgraded to iOS 8

Nearly 1 month after the official release of Apple’s newest iOS, a report has been released by Mixpanel showing just how popular iOS 8 has become (hint: it’s not too good). Mixpanel works with their client’s apps to track its user’s iPhone data anonymously in order to bring you reports such as this one in an effort to better understand how people use their iPhone. Their report shows that only about 45% of current Apple iPhone users have taken enough of a liking to the new iOS 8 and decided to upgrade their iPhones. With the majority of users still running the older version iOS 7. This is the first something like this has happened with an iOS release so analysts are left pondering why. In comparison to the previous iOS launch, the first couple of days match up. Usually about 15% upgrade and nearly 25% the day after. With one major difference, after only 20 days iOS 7 was being used in nearly 70%, compared to iOS 8’s 45%, which shows just how large of a contrast the two iOS versions are experiencing at launch.

Another firm, Fiksu, ran their own reports and they show even lower numbers. They say only about 37% of Apple users have upgraded to the new iOS version. Fiksu also gathered their data in a similar fashion, but it seems their user base is even less keen to upgrade. By comparison, Apple has released their own data report. They put the number at about 46% which is closer to Mixpanel’s report. But still, iOS 7 retain nearly 50%, with the remaining portion going towards older generation iPhones using even older iOS versions.


So why aren’t people upgrading to the newer iOS 8? It’s supposed to be better, faster and have cool new features, right? Analysts attribute the reduced upgrade numbers to iOS 8’s reduced offerings when compared to that of iOS 7. While it’s true that it may feature the new Health Kit App and is supposed to have tons of fixes, there isn’t much new to see in the eye candy department. iOS 7 was a full redesign from the previous iOS 6 giving users a new experience even if there wasn’t anything new. iOS 8 has taken and improved some elements from iOS 7, but for the most part has remained the same graphically. This alone could make the average user want to skip over this iteration of iOS, at least for now. It’s also worth noting that iOS 8 practically can’t run on anything older than an iPhone 4S. There is still a large portion of iPhone users who use the iPhone 3 or 4, these users simply can’t upgrade even if they wanted to. Then there’s the more tech friendly iPhone user. They’ve probably kept up with all the bad press iOS 8 has been receiving. A lot of blogs have reported iOS 8 has trouble with Wi-Fi and battery draining issues. To remedy these issues Apple is working on a patch for the iOS, version 8.0.2 which should fix a lot of the bugs and help smooth over other issues caused by their first patch, 8.0.1.

Regardless of why iOS 8 hasn’t caught on as previous iOS have, one thing is for sure. The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been a big hit. The all-new 6 Plus large screen offers the larger screen size that everyone has always wanted on their iPhone and the standard iPhone 6 offers some serious hardware improvements over the previous models. Combine that with the new Wallet app and iSight camera and you’ve got the hottest new must have phone.

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