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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Link Building

Those involved in Digital Marketing should be very familiar with the fine art of building links as one of the ways to enhance the popularity of their websites and blogs. They understand that link building plays a crucial role when it comes to driving traffic and drawing more subscribers to their sites. Unfortunately, some of them build links the wrong way and consequently, they end up being frustrated with the end result, failing to learn from their mistakes. To ensure that you are building quality links, the correct way, we have outlined several of the most common mistakes that you must avoid at all costs.

1. Link Velocity Penalty

To start us off, avoid selecting a building link program which is too rapid. It may be attractive for you to outsource your marketing to achieve maximized link gains in a short timeframe, but rest assured that you will be penalized for this. Many methods and programs are available that you can use for building links and many of these will be for just quantity and not quality. For example, many programs exist that will build thousands of backlinks to your website but you will find these same links disappearing after several months, shortchanging you in the process. Go for professional link building that follows a slow but efficient process that guarantees quality and results. Good methods assure potential visitors and not unresponsive traffic, just remember to incorporate this thinking into your next campaign: slow and steady wins the race.

2. Vet Your Community Relationships

Secondly, many of us webmasters seek to develop long-lasting relationships with blog networks within our niches. Note that not all of these blogs are here for the long haul, so choose wisely and seek quality, authoritative blogs that are likely to be operating their websites in the long term, and successfully. This way, the links that you have built back to your website, through involving yourself in relevant discussions, will still exist and provide link juice for the future. For the more intermediate Digital Marketer, two way linking websites need to be avoided if your aim is to lift the visibility of your website. Single way linking always assures you great traffic and a high ranking on the search engines much to your advantage.

3. Use Web Directories the Right Way

The power of building links with the article submission directories should not be neglected. This is an extremely old method and it should be appropriated correctly, it is absolutely essential that your articles are not just uniquely informative but also follows the specific guidelines of the directory. Web directories are the best tools to use if you want to boost the visibility of your website as most internet users make use of web directories regularly in finding answers or solutions to their problems. Personally, I find it easy to use the interface of Yahoo Answers to contribute value in my own niche. For example, on my Gadget website, I love answering about Spy Gadgets and often get an opportunity to link back to an informative article on my website which essentially answers the post’s question at the same time. As we all know quality links can contribute greatly to enhancing the visibility of your website on the search engines and you will drive more traffic to your website so stay tuned for more guides to enhance these Link Building skills.

As always, if you are unclear about a certain topic or simply have a question about something related to linkbuilding, please feel free to contact me personally at info@techlitic.com or leave a comment below.

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