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How to do Keyword Research like a Pro in 2014

Keyword Research can be interesting and fun but on top of everything, it is crucial. With every word in the English dictionary imaginable there are doors to various opportunities, one might say a new adventure awaits. Of course, in reality it tends to be more difficult for the average webmaster, people who run their own blogs and who work tirelessly to optimise their websites for search engines – it is you who we want to help. Now we shall discuss how to do keyword research like a pro, as part of our SEO Tutorial series.

Basic Research

To start with basic research we have several tools to be used to derive the search competition, volume and the probability of the success of keyword. First of all do not trust a particular source, make use of as many keyword tools to see it the keyword has potential. I won’t name all tools, this is for a different day. If in doubt, please use Google’s tools.

Google Trends

While Google trends doesn’t display exact figures it can be used to see how the search volume pattern is changing and where exactly a specific search is heading in terms of popularity. So, obviously, if there is downfall in the graph then that is not a good sign but if we take the example of SEO tutorial, people are steadily searching on how to learn search engine optimization and this trend is set to continue.


In combination, brainstorm, think about day-to-day activities, think about what people want to know more about and what people want to pay to access, for example, what exactly is in magazines that causes people to subscribe? There must be valuable content worth sharing. Obviously, don’t steal this, consider the concept and build upon it – add your own unique value.



Wordtracker is very valuable keyword tool also. Maybe you have a premium account, if so, you are a wise individual. If not, you can still use the free version of Wordtracker and it will run a search and provide basic results which give you hints. This is still useful as in the quest for keywords – every little helps.

You can use Blogscape as well; it is a good tool to see the number of posts published on a topic. There is yet another keyword tool which is rarely used but is great and that is Thesaurus.

Keyword Variations

Bear in mind, as you type keywords into a search engine you are provided with ‘suggestions’. These suggestions clearly indicate the niches, areas and sectors in which people have interest, in other words, they are popular. Depending on what keyword/theme you are targeting, start noting these down in a large spreadsheet for your research. Oh and use tabs for different Keyword groups, this is very helpful.

Some of this may be basic but all of it is essential SEO practice. Stay tuned for more in the SEO Tutorial series. If you want any areas investigated in detail and reported on by our team, please feel free to comment below.

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