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5 Simple Ways to Protect your Smartphone from Hacking

Many people say that the Android operating system is most vulnerable to hackers. In fact, iOS is  as exposed to hackers, just a little less often than Android. To prevent such situations, you need to follow a few simple rules as stated below.

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Be sure to set the lock screen

You may find that this method is not able to protect your Android-powered device, but in fact it somehow, but can provide protection against attacks. You can set a password, PIN, or graphical lock Face to Unlock. Considered the most effective is password, because it is able to provide the greatest security.

Install Anti-Malware

In other words, this is the usual antivirus. Today, there are many anti-virus programs, many of which work perfectly and are completely free. We advise you to look at programs such as Lookout, AVG and Avast. Each of them can scan your smartphone / tablet to identify and eliminate those viruses that are on your device.

Never save passwords

We all know that it’s inconvenient to enter a password when you log in to your account so you save passwords, but on the other hand, if your phone falls into the wrong hands, you are giving that person a gift. After that, he will have no difficulty to find your email address, logins to the pages in social networks, etc. Of course, you set a password on the lock screen will be some obstacle to the hacker, but not for long. Saved passwords does not simplify the task. So, better not to save passwords.

Set Administrator Accounts

Of course, now many users set themselves the right to super user or root-rights, in other words. Yes, it is absolutely necessary, because most of the programs and applications require their presence. The featured applications that they are able to run, bypassing antivirus check, this means that viruses can easily get on your phone and do everything they want.

But that does not mean you cannot get root-law. Just need to do everything with the mind, i.e. install only those programs to obtain administrator rights, which are really tested and are most often used by other users and download a particular application only from a trusted source.

Download from trusted source

Finally, download games, software, applications only from trusted sites. Most often viruses enter the system only by downloading infected files. Even large online stores like Google Play Market have applications with viruses. So listen to other users and do not swing questionable programs with little Rankings and some transcendental functions. Choose the most popular applications, they are likely to be safe.

This way you will be able to protect your devices from getting hacked. The devices that will be coming in the near future like Samsung Galaxy S6 or Sony XperiaZ3 etc., would be very much protected against hacking. Those devices would be entirely safe to use. So, quite eager for the release of these smartphones.

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