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Why Ruby Programming?

Ruby programming has become a favorite language for many programmers, mainly because it is dynamic and highly flexible. Ruby has been uniquely designed to deliver the most ideal balance between simplicity and power. Introduced in 1995, it was developed in a way which drew on the various strengths of programming languages that exist currently and to provide a solution for the ever growing capabilities of contemporary computer systems. As a result, Ruby has become one of the most popular programming languages in the world today and many tout it as the most intuitive and flexible language for a wide range of applications.

The logical framework, sparse and right minded syntax of Ruby Programming is something that most programmers do appreciate greatly. In fact, Ruby mirrors the way in which the human mind tends to think. This programming language was designed to combine the incredible strengths of Smaltalk, Perl, Ada, Lisp and Eiffel and it has truly lived to its promises and expectations. This language is much more powerful when compared to Perl and anyone who has used it will tell you that compared to Python, Ruby tends to be even more object oriented. I would advise you to try things out right away and here is a link to Try Ruby which was mentioned in our Free Web Tools, as shown in the image below.



Thanks to the mixed heritage of Ruby Programming, learning this language is incredibly easy and you can even adapt it to interface with Perl, Java, C/C ++ and Fortran among others. When you are using an application that is written in Ruby, you are going to certainly appreciate its intelligent handling, fastness and reliable performance that certainly comes next to none. The proficiency of ruby as one of the leading web languages and its incredible ability to directly interact with other existing applications like PayPal, Google search and even Amazon makes it one of the excellent choices for business when it comes to web applications.

The easy to use nature of ruby programming is something that has made programmers fall in love with this language as it is not complicated in any way. It has an intuitive and incredibly powerful framework that makes it an ideal choice when you need to process your data in real time. While the truth of the matter is that there is no perfect programming language, ruby is certainly not so far away from what would be termed as perfect in this field. Ruby is a programming language that is created to deliver exceptional efficiency and flexibility and ideal for both office and web applications.

Keep tuned for more tips, tricks and tutorials for Ruby Programming. If you want any particular aspects explained in greater detail please comment below.

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