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Sliders Made Simple With Unyson Framework

Sliders may be a familiar name for a modern appetizer, but they are also a key element in many blogs and websites. Sadly, a lot of end users avoid them because they don’t know quite how to create them or even have access to tools that would allow them to easily plug them into a site or blog. When you develop WordPress themes with the new Unyson Framework, however, you hand over some of the simplest slider tools imaginable.

Unyson Framework’s Slider Creation

With three pre-designed sliders, your end users need only choose the look they want, populate it with the images they would like to highlight, and then use the drag and drop design tools to put it into position. Yes, it is that easy. As the web developer, however, it is up to you to determine if this is an option that is suitable for your theme.

Try to consider if a slider serves a purpose in giving the pages any strength or further meaning. If not, it may not be the wisest idea to include the tools in your theme’s options. End users want to access these modern media features, but may not realize if they are detracting from the overall value of the content.

Of course, when a site or blog can benefit from the incorporation of one of these popular extensions, the Unyson Framework has gone to great pains to ensure that the results are optimal. Not only is the tool easy to use, but it allows the end user to choose whether the slider is populated automatically with images chosen randomly from the site, or if an actual display is created by custom images. The use of a title field also allows a bit of SEO to apply to this searchable element.

This is taken even farther when images are given titles and description options. Including the most relevant terms here is going to help the end user’s SEO and search engine results pages. With that in mind, it can be of use to give access to this element to as many end users as possible.

When it can be included in part of a WordPress theme you design with the Unyson Framework it can be as significant or as subtle an element of the page as the end user desires. With custom sizing options available, the slider can serve as a headliner on a home page or as “quieter” display of images or links.

If you are a web developer using the Unyson Framework, you can give your end users a substantial amount of control over the look of their blogs or sites. Tools such as customizable sliders are feature rich in this framework, and definitely something to consider as you make your choices in options, features, and functions. Give clients the kinds of tools they need to stand out, but make sure they are as easy to use as the slider features in this framework.

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