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One of the key aspects of a successfully deployed Search Engine Optimization strategy is systematically building relevant, top quality links and these should be appropriately targeted with your specific keywords. As we all know at this stage, there are countless ways for links to be built and many different mediums these links can be built within – try to use this to your advantage, build a mixture of links to accord with Google’s extremely smart ranking mechanisms. If time is a constraint, you can pay individuals to build links for you but at some stage you will have to do it yourself.


You can, for example, decide to hire a link builder for building links to your website and if you do decide on this, I would recommend Freelancer. A Digital Marketing and SEO expert will get the job done quickly and faster but this will inevitably increase business expenses for their services. Alternatively, a more cost-effective solution is hunting similar sites in your niche and developing partnerships with blog owners. Typically, a payment will have to be disbursed for placing ads/links on their site, or you can suggest a link back scheme for mutual benefit and this way, your website is going to be linked from their website and you will reap all the benefits that come with this.

Unique Content

Critically, there are economically effective ways of building links, if you aren’t ready to part with your hard earned money for your campaigns. Even on a low budget you will still be able to achieve a high ranking on search engines, just be prepared to put in that extra effort for this. At the heart of any link building strategy is good, unique quality content and that’s where articles come in. Webmasters have been using good content to increase the quality and amount of links being directed to their site for years and this is what separates the good and the great blogs. Moreover, there are many different directories where you can submit articles free of charge and if you follow the guidelines correctly this can be an extremely effective way of spreading your unique content and, in turn, building links to your websites.


Our last free link building method is, simply, becoming involved in thriving online communities. These could be in the form of other popular blogs, forums and discussions pages and are often neglected as part of a link building strategy. By posting on other pages and taking part in discussions you are delivering a form of unique content and providing an opportunity for a link back to your website. Personally, I find it good practice to take part in Yahoo Answers by providing answers to questions in your related niche and generally, becoming useful in their online communities to develop long lasting relationships in your niche.

That’s all for now. Thanks and stay tuned for more link building techniques in this series of Building Link tutorials.

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