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With a large number of tools, techniques and technologies spurting in the global web development arena, it becomes quite an important and challenging thing to discover what web developers should learn in 2014.

Essentially, this post reveals what web technologies are best to learn in the current year and why.

Anyone who has spent at least one or two years in the web development industry knows well its constantly changing nature. Every day a new tool, framework or technology is released for our attention. Like other developers, you also want to learn as much as possible. But is this actually feasible?

Of course not! Instead you should explore what businesses are seeking and what they are more inclined to these days; this approach will ensure a prosperous future in your path of web development.

I studied the websites of leading job portals and recruitment agencies all across Australia, and found some important pieces of information that help me know which web development skills are in demand these days.

For the majority of businesses, an effective web technology must have:

  • A strong foundation
  • Documentation and support
  • Community support
  • Stability

The research also revealed the top web development platforms and languages for 2014, which are mentioned below in graphical representation:


When the point is about client-side development, there is no other platform that can give tough competition to JavaScript. The language enables web developers to build complex interfaces easily. Moreover, its learning curve is shorter than other languages and it is seen all around the web. Today there are thousands of tools, frameworks and technologies in web development world that are developed using JavaScript.


PHP is serving the web development community for many years now. The platform offers a stable development environment backed by a large community support that enables developers to build any challenging or complex interfaces as well as applications easily and quickly. If you ever come across a problem in midst of PHP development, reach the community as there are thousands of developers available there who have already found a solution for the same.


I was not very fond of learning Java before a year; not because I thought it’s not worth learning, but I thought I could do all I want with the knowledge of other languages I already know. But this year somehow Java seems much more important, mainly due to the fast growing popularity of mobile apps development. If you are not aware, Java is the primary language for Android app development.


It might not be as popular as other languages listed above. But these days, it is widely used by developers to develop fast, scalable server-side network applications.

Ruby on Rails

If you already have good command over the open source technology, PHP, then you may not find it as difficult to learn Ruby. However, remember the selection of language or platform depends thoroughly on the project specifications.

To conclude, there is always a new technology out there which you may find interesting to learn. But you should pick the one based on your expertise and the project requirements.

Thank you for reading and Happy 2014!

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