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What is Ajax Used For?

What is Ajax used for in Technology?

A lot of information exists on the web when it comes to the issue of what is Ajax used for in the world of technology. To start with, Ajax can be used at any place in web application whereby a small amount of info can be retrieved or saved from the server/database with no need of the entire pages being posted back. A perfect illustration of this is the validation of data on save actions. Ajax can also be used in changing the values in drop down lists that are based on specific other inputs.


Another area in which you can comfortably use Ajax is when you need to retrieve or save session values from a server. Such values will be based on the preference of the user like width, position or height of the object. When the width is adjusted for example, this might make a server callback to set sessions that are variable for width. If not, this will mean that the object will be going back to the initial default width with no new data being saved. You can understand more about how this works in your continued search for information about what is Ajax.

There are other features that come with Ajax which makes the concept an incredible choice for use in technology. Such features include the likes of auto-complete text boxes and text hints. As the client types some letters, a full list of all the values and objects starting with the letters will be appearing below thus making it quite easy to do your job. A call back will be made to the web service which will then retrieve all the values beginning with the characters. There is no doubt that this is quite a fantastic feature delivered by Ajax that makes the concept so great.

Working with Ajax is something that you will find to be very easy and there are so many benefits associated with this concept that makes it stand out from the rest of its competitors. With Ajax, all the requests being made will be sent to the server where only the needed data will be retrieved. Ajax is an incredibly user friendly concept and its many benefits have made it a hot pick to consider. All this information is aimed at giving you a better understanding of what is Ajax and exactly where this application can be used in however stay tuned, more will follow in the what is Ajax series.

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