About Us

Techlitic is a technology news blogger that focuses on all things tech. We publish content regarding global trends and developments in the technology space. In a world where the pace of technology disruption has exceeded the pace of technology adoption, it is vital that we all stay up to date on all technological developments happening around us.

Techlitic started after the infamous dot-com bubble of 2000. At a time when many were beginning to resent technology companies due to over inflated stock prices and huge monetary losses in the stock market, we wanted to recreate the excitement about technology. And so, we decided to really delve into its world and learn as much as possible.

Many things have happened since then, and technology has progressed in leaps and bounds. We have seen the Apple revolution, social networking frenzy and robots replacing humans. The amazing fact is that there seem to be no signs of slowing down. More and more news keep coming out on a daily basis.

And that’s where we come in. With a lot of events and trends around us that we are unable to keep up with, Techlitic integrates important news from the tech world into one user-friendly website. News is in turn categorized carefully and labelled.

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