Technology companies are so many that it is almost impossible to keep count. While we specialize in the smartphone, wearable and software space, we are a generic tech blog and cater to all type of technology geeks. As a result, we create content on a wide variety of fields.

We cover recent news and trends, and hence are a firm favorite among product manufacturers and service providers in the tech space. We cover product launches extensively and can be a platform for those companies launching groundbreaking products that add value to the everyday consumer.

Advertisers can additionally leverage our reader community of more than 120,000, the majority of whom are located within the United States. International readers, most of them from Western and Southern Europe, cover about 15-17% of our community. In addition to the visibility among this amazing community, you get the following perks.

Ad Space

Ad Spaces are hard to come by nowadays. While Google monopolizes most of the Ad Revenue market, product and service providers often desire that their product be advertised alongside relevant content. Content marketing is regarded as the most effective of them all. With Techlitic, you get substantial banner space.

Split testing

This is more relevant to companies whose products can be consumed digitally. Mostly it covers software developers. If you are about to launch a product and require some information on public reception of different feature combinations, split testing or A/B testing is one of the most powerful means to determine that. With Techlitic, you can carry out effective A/B tests.