Google is using AI to run its data center cooling systems

techlitic 830891 - Google is using AI to run its data center cooling systems

The opportunities provided by new technological advancements in the digital era are broad reaching, and they impact businesses in nearly all areas of operation. One of the most robust and useful ways of using these advancements is that of artificial intelligence, as it can be applied to make all things run smoother. When it comes to Google, they have applied AI to be implemented to ensure that their cooling systems are properly regulated, to ensure efficient operations.

Key Takeaways:

  • As might be expected, Google data centers are massive, because they have to power everything, from Gmail, to Google Search and YouTube.
  • That’s thousands of servers, creating a dilemma as to how to keep them at an optimal temperature always, while also maintaining best-practice energy efficiency standards.
  • Google fixed on a DeepMind AI system as a way to limit CO2 emissions, while keeping the servers humming and cool.

“Now, the AI system is implementing actions on its own, though human operators are always there to supervise and take over if need be.”

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