Common means by which internet users trick digital companies

BLog6 - Common means by which internet users trick digital companies

Internet is like the open market for all. Everyone can access basic data and content, such as social network, shopping, email or streaming services. Most of these can be accessed for free, while the few ones that are charged are more than reasonable.

There are those that require you to pay, of course. Think of the Freemium business model that is being successfully implemented by tech giants like LinkedIn, Dropbox and Spotify. You start using the service for free, and then once you get hooked to the applications you eventually end up paying a monthly or annual subscription fee. If you want to continue.

When it comes to certain things however, there are ways of gaming online platforms and providers. Many of these aren’t strictly legal in some countries, yet are being practiced by internet users worldwide. These include piracy, streaming, circulating product keys and so on.

Streaming is the most popular choice among these. Many of us don’t see the point in going to the cinemas to watch each movie that is released. With many websites like 123movies where users upload streaming versions that can be accessed for free, you can sit at home and watch movies. People do that even for sports games, for which telecom companies charge atrocious fees to subscribe.

 Another common tactic used by internet users is circulating product keys. Normally, when you purchase any software, whether it is for storage, files or anything else, you need a product key sometimes to activate it. The most common example would be the Microsoft Office suite for your desktop.

keyg - Common means by which internet users trick digital companies

Such keys are generated mostly by product key generators, or Keygens as they are commonly known as. The thing to note with these is that while they work with your software, they aren’t YOUR key. This means that you get a short fix to have a working version of a software for free. The moment, however, that you experience a problem, you are going to be in a tough spot.

Say that a bug or virus entered your system and you lost a lot of important files stored in your MS Office folder. You now cannot contact the Office customer care to recover your files since the product key you used wasn’t assigned to your Office account. You have to let those files go.

So, while you get some respite in obtaining a paid software for free, understand that there are ramifications. Be it the above example with your Office account, or getting caught by authorities doing piracy, there are few actions you can take to explain your position.

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