Instagram is testing a native resharing feature for the feed

techlitic 247791 - Instagram is testing a native resharing feature for the feed

Instagram is one of the most used and popular platforms in the entire world right. The fact that they were bought by Facebook years ago shows the fear that they struck into one of the largest social media platform in the entire world. The people at Facebook realized the capabilities that this new startup had and decided to act really quickly on it. There are many ways in which people can now share their photos on the new platform.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can show all of your followers what you are doing at any point in the day now.
  • Some people spend more time on these platforms than others and as a result, they are always on their phone.
  • Having good photos, or content, on your page can make a really good impression on someone.

“After years of resistance, Instagram appears to be testing a way for you to reshare posts from other accounts to your own feed. The feature, which company executives have long resisted for fear it would corrupt the personal nature of the app, could bring new life to the main feed at a time when it is becoming rapidly eclipsed by ephemeral stories.”

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