Toshiba Satellite Pro U300

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300

Brand: Toshiba Family: Satellite Pro
RAM: 1 GB, 2 GB
CPU: T5450, T7300, T7500
Display Size: 13.3 inch
Storage Size: 120 GB, 160 GB
Release Date: 39281, 39284, 39303, 39377, 39387

More about the Toshiba Satellite Pro U300

Toshiba's Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 came to be released for sale on 7/18/2007 by Toshiba with in the Satellite Pro family of Laptops. There might may be extra we haven't discovered, but we have discovered 5 variations for this model. The configurations are Satellite Pro U300-10W, Satellite Pro U300-10Z, Satellite Pro U300-10U, Satellite Pro U300-13P, there's also the Satellite Pro U300-13O. There might be a few different colour options on offer for the Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 but there's not enough data to understand what they are.

Multiple options of processor are on offer inside the Toshiba Satellite Pro U300, with those processors being the T7300, T5450, along with T7500. Processors have maximum cores of 2 cores and a max base processor frequency of 2.00 gigahertz, 1.663 ghz, 2.2 GHz, and 4MB in total of processor cache, that's there, with Merom being another nickname for this model of processor.

The DDR2-SDRAM ram has a maximum of as large as 2 GB ram to be configured, at a memory clock speed of 667 MHz.

There's just a single screen size for sale and that's a 13.3 inch screen.Just the single resolution of 1280 x 800 Pixel is available.

A maximum of 160Giga-bytes of storage is available for the Toshiba Satellite Pro U300. You can luckily plug in memory cards with this Laptop, with MMC, MS Pro, SD cards being accepted.

This Laptop does have a version with a bluetooth connection, which is using version 2.0+EDR. The ethernet port that is in the model llets you plug-in as you need.

The total weight of the model comes in at 1.99 kg, 2 kg heavy.

Toshiba Satellite Pro U300 Specifications

SpecificationsSatellite Pro U300-10USatellite Pro U300-10WSatellite Pro U300-10ZSatellite Pro U300-13OSatellite Pro U300-13P
Display Size13.3 inch13.3 inch13.3 inch13.3 inch13.3 inch
Storage Size120 GB160 GB120 GB120 GB160 GB
Operating SystemWindows XP ProfessionalWindows Vista BusinessWindows Vista BusinessWindows Vista BusinessWindows Vista Business
Weight (g)1.99 kg1.99 kg1.99 kg1.99 kg2 kg
Part NumberPSU31E-00K00RENPSU31E-005006ENPSU31E-010006ENPSU31E-011013ENPSU31E-00V013EN
Release Date3930339281392843938739377
EAN/UPC CodePSU31E-00K00RENPSU31E-005006ENPSU31E-010006ENPSU31E-011013ENPSU31E-00V013EN
Processor FamilyIntel Core2 DuoIntel Core2 DuoIntel Core2 DuoIntel Core2 DuoIntel Core2 Duo
Processor Frequency1.663 GHz2.00 GHz1.663 GHz1.663 GHz2.2 GHz
Processor Boost Frequency
Processor Cores22222
Processor Threads22222
Processor Cache2 MB4 MB2 MB2 MB4 MB
Internal Memory1 GB2 GB1 GB1 GB2 GB
Memory Form Factor
Memory Clock Speed667 MHz667 MHz667 MHz667 MHz667 MHz
Panel Type
Touch Screen?
Display Resolution1280 x 800 pixels1280 x 800 pixels1280 x 800 pixels1280 x 800 pixels1280 x 800 pixels
Compatible Memory CardsMMC, MS Pro, SD
Number of SSDs
Card Reader?YYYYY
Storage Media Type
Optical Drive TypeDVD Super Multi DLDVD Super Multi DLDVD Super Multi DLDVD±RWDVD Super Multi DL
Battery Technology
Number of Battery Cells
Battery Capacity
Depth227 mm227 mm227 mm227 mm
Width310 mm310 mm310 mm310 mm
Dimensionsx 310 mm x 227 mmx 310 mm x 227 mmx 310 mm x 227 mmx xx 310 mm x 227 mm
AC Adaptor Power75 W75 W75 W75 W75 W

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