Now you can listen to Audible on your Apple Watch

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Apple’s latest wacthOS 5 upgrade allows you to sync and listen to audiobooks from your Audible account on your iPhone onto your iWatch. The update doesn’t let you stream audiobooks from third person apps, so be sure you use Bluetooth to transfer each audiobook from your phone. This can sometimes take a while if you’re doing it with a longer audiobook, but it’s worth it because you can then listen to that book directly from your watch without fumbling through your pockets for your phone.

Key Takeaways:

  • With the newest version of watchOS 5, you can transfer audiobooks from your phone to your watch, although you cannot stream them from third party apps.
  • You have to use Bluetooth to transfer audiobooks from Audible on your iPhone, and for longer ones, this may involve some waiting.
  • Despite the wait times and limitations, this capability is still well worth it because it lets you listen to audiobooks without having to fish your phone out of your pocket.

“The latest Audible update brings the app to your Apple Watch, so you can listen to your audiobooks and podcasts without an iPhone.”

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