4 exciting news and trends to look forward to in the smartphone world

Blog3 - 4 exciting news and trends to look forward to in the smartphone world

Smartphones are all the hype. We use them every day. We check our mails, chat on WhatsApp, post our daily tweets, pretend to be professional photographers on Instagram, and a dozen things more! In short, our lives don’t exist if not for smartphones.

With things moving so fast, we want to ensure that are up to date on the latest smartphone trends. We have about a thousand companies globally manufacturing smartphones. This means that the innovation possibilities, on the hardware and software sides, are endless.

We also recently had the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the largest platform for smartphone players, in Shanghai. There were some interesting unveilings and conferences that we witnessed. Let us look at some recent news.

Low-end phones are all the hype

When they came out, good smartphones were priced high and unaffordable to the common man. With Android’s rise, there were a stream of manufacturers such as HTC, LG and Samsung who manufacturer quality, inexpensive phones. However, there was always a huge quality gap to the iPhones and the Galaxys of the world. Not anymore! With the release of the Nokia 6, and even Motorola’s Moto G6 to a lesser extent, low-end phones re bridging the quality gap fast.

Augmented Reality improving, bit by bit

Augmented Reality, or AR as it is commonly known, is not yet at the desired levels. However, it is slowly but steadily improving when it comes to smartphones. Interestingly enough, AR is starting to creep into emoji land. With the Samsung Galaxy 9 releasing AR powered emojis at the MWC’18, AR seems to be having a good spell of growth.

5gh - 4 exciting news and trends to look forward to in the smartphone world

5G is gonna come soon, baby!

Internet speeds have gotten faster and faster in a very short spell of time. We started off 2G, which almost feels pre-historic today. Then we moved on to 3G and 4G. And we have been there for a couple of years. Till the 5G, that is. 5G is already in the market, but the International Data Corporation (IDC) predicts that 5G smartphones are going to take over the market as soon as next year.

Screen size gets even more

Phone manufacturers have been playing around with screen sizes for a long time. It is not just the overall phone size, but also the size of the display screen in the phone. At the MWC’18, one of the most hyped phones, the Vivo Apex, was unveiled. The curious thing about the Vivo Apex was its display screen size, which was basically the entire phone screen. It was quite popularly received.

There are many more, such as Artificial Intelligence and data-powered solutions, that are being experimented in the smartphone world. To stay updated, keep in regular contact with us!

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