3 important updates to know from the Software world

Blog5 - 3 important updates to know from the Software world

Software is really the thing that powers everything we use today. While our smartphones, wearables, tablets or consoles may look sexy and sophisticated, they function to the levels we expect due to great software development. Even traditional hardware appliances like refrigerators or ovens are becoming ‘smart’ today, with the added boost of software.

Software is not a static entity. It constantly evolves and upgrades. Performance levels can always be improved. There are hundreds of millions of software developers in the world focusing on different sub-domains and sub-categories.

With so much talent and time devoted to this area, it is quite natural to have dozens of news and developments stemming from all corners of the globe on a daily basis. We want to condense the important developments into one blog post and ignore all the noise and clutter. In this post, we describe the latest in software as a whole from 2018.

Edge computing to power IoTs

None of us are strangers to IoT. The wearable and sensor phenomena is taking over all sorts of industries such as homes, health, electric appliances, utilities and so on. With IoT devices processing millions of zeta bytes of data, there is a heavy reliance on connection speeds. As a result, Edge Computing has gotten popular and is being deployed increasingly. IT would enable IoT devices to process faster.

Google Fuchsia to come out

Google never rests. The Fuchsia is intended to be an experimental OS from Google, a hybrid of Android and Chrome OS. While the original release date was supposed to be November 2017, there have been delays due to the experimental and unpredictable nature of the OS. We have a lot of info on Fuchsis out, but have to wait till 2019 for the final product.

uber - 3 important updates to know from the Software world

Uber tightens its background checks

Uber can now get real-time background checks on their drivers. The company, which relies heavily on its drivers, always had an issue with real-time tracking of a driver’s criminal offences, for example. Recently however, Uber has engaged companies such as Checkr and Appriss to conduct real-time checks so as to boost their safety measures and reduce rider concerns. Let’s keep an eye on this one.

The cool thing about Software is that one piece of development sets in motion a chain of events. For example, Uber’s move could lead to Lyft doing the same. Or Google may elicit a response from Microsoft or Apple. We can’t wait for some reactionary news!

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