These are the 4 best apps of 2018 for both iOS and Android

Blog4 - These are the 4 best apps of 2018 for both iOS and Android

Oh, what would we do without Apps! There are so many of them in our phones! We have one for checking out news, one for playing games, one for chatting, one for streaming videos, and what not. And there are many more coming out on a daily basis.

Developing an App is not really rocket science, to be honest. It is quite basic programming and most tools are already available within iOS and Android libraries. Both of them are really good ecosystems for developers. Marketing Apps is the difficult part, but once you go past the breakeven point, you are primed for growth.

It is quite exciting to be an app reviewer. With so many being released that focus on numerous aspects, app reviewers have quite a busy schedule. As a major App reviewer in the United States, we bring to you in this post some of the most exciting news from this year.

Web MD for Apple Watch

Web MD has always been one of the top medical data applications for quite some time. Recently, they released a version for the Apple Watch. We have got to say, it looks quite impressive. In terms of functionality, it helps you plan your dosage quantities and timing. The notifications are aesthetic, and the app even lets you know if there are any pre-requisites to a medicine.

Driving Detective

While it is a bit ridiculous that we need an App for everything that we do, this one is perhaps required. Driving Detective is an Android App that basically senses when you are driving and automatically puts your phone on a ‘Do not disturb’ mode. That way, you are not distracted when you drive.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe is one of the best when it comes to graphics. They have always been makers of the best products such as Photoshop and Dreamweaver. So it makes sense that an Adobe product is a must-have product when it comes to image editing. The Spark Post allows adding graphics and text to an image so as to spice it up, and top it with some kick ass design filters!

Dots & Co

This one is actually a personal pick. Dots & Co is a gaming app for Android phones. It is an extension of the popular game Two Dots. The game features more levels, abilities and challenges. This one’s definitely a game for people of all ages!

In addition to our article on smartphone news and trends, this should keep you well posted on anything and everything you need to know about your mobile world.

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