3 of the most recent developments in IoT technology

Blog7 - 3 of the most recent developments in IoT technology

We talked briefly about IoTs in an earlier post. Internet of Things are the next big thing after the Smartphone revolution. The concept of IoT stems from the hypothesis that any electronic hardware can become ‘smart’, i.e. integrated with software. Be it your watch, refrigerator or alarm system.

With companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon spending billions on research and development, the IoT revolution can only be spurred further forward. Today we have smart homes, smart refrigerators and smart medical devices, all of which collect millions of data points on an annual basis. They process this data and produce relevant and human readable output for us.

If anything, for the IoT momentum to really continue, we need faster computing speeds. With the advent of Big Data, Neural Networks and Artificial Intelligence, the world needs bigger servers, more storage space and faster processing. The concept of Edge computing, where the data is processed right next to the source, should go a short way to solve processing speed problems.

The IoT world continues to surprise us with new releases and updates on a daily basis. It is estimated that about 20 billion IoT devices, or almost three times the current population, will be in existence by 2020! To fulfil this prediction, an increasing number of startups are establishing themselves in this space, such as Armis and Alertmedia in the United States. Let us look at some recent news in this space.

Lantronix displays new stuff at CA

The Sensors Expo and Conference, held at San Jose in California from the 26th to the 28th of June, featured many top IoT solution providers from across the nation. Lantronix, the American secure data access provider, released its new product XPort® Edge embedded ethernet gateway. With this, Lantronix has expanded its external gateway portfolio.

Altizon pushes Edge computing further ahead

Altizon, an Industrial IoT platform provider, is furthering the cause of IoT Edge technology. Companies that are trying to develop edge technology require advanced analytics, which is provided by companies like Altizon. The Datonis, its product suite, is penetrating chunks of the market.

teamview - 3 of the most recent developments in IoT technology

TeamViewer is getting bigger

Yet another major IoT event was held in Amsterdam in June this year, called the IoT Tech Expo Europe 2018. TeamViewer is a software solution provider for IoT and connectivity. The latest IoT product offers enhanced debugging and configuration, as well as a host of additional features.

With Altizon, TeamViewer and Lantronix furthering the cause, IoT seems to have a bright future ahead. With every leap that is made in Edge Computing, IoT can only get better in terms of processing speed.

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