We rank the 3 best and most beautiful Apple MacBooks of all time

Blog8 - We rank the 3 best and most beautiful Apple MacBooks of all time

We want to do a fun exercise. We want to rate from best to worst the MacBook product suite of Apple. As a product reviewer, we analyze a product from multiple dimensions on a regular basis. In all of years of existence, the MacBook has caused the most controversy and debates in terms of value for price.

Hence, we decided to carefully assess Apple’s MacBook portfolio to see which ones are really worth it. We use multiple parameters to judge the concept of “Value for money”. At the end of the day, it is unrealistic to expect an Apple product to be priced at the levels of an Acer or a Fujitsu. This assessment is purely a comparison within the Apple family.

After all, the MacBook is in production only because of the obvious advantages it has to offer our traditional counterparts. The MacBook is simplistic, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. The MacOS has been rated by many developers and engineers to be one of the best Operating Systems in the market.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (without Touch Bar)

The MacBook Pro 13-inch is undisputedly the champion in the MacBook family. Ask anyone who owns an Apple laptop and they would agree. It is sleek and beautiful to hold against your arm. The sleekness doesn’t come at any cost, as performance and graphics-wise the laptop quite good as well. The reason why we rank this ahead of its counterpart with the touch bar is purely the cost factor.

mac - We rank the 3 best and most beautiful Apple MacBooks of all time

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch (with Touch Bar)

You know the features of this one. If we had neglected the cost factor, this model is the best. Period. Unfortunately, Apple decided to price this one at an incredible $2,700, pricing it out of the hands of the common man. The MacBook Pro 13-inch with Touch Bar has the largest screen and the speediest processing, without compromising on its sleekness and light-weightedness.

MacBook Air

Budget buyers should go for this one. Well, when we say budget buyers we mean budget buyers of Apple products. Priced at $1,000, this is the cheapest in the market. And yet, it offers the standard Apple features of simplicity, ease of use and excellent graphics.

Do you agree with our rankings? Feel like we have missed out on something? Do let us know. Apple, being a global leader in the space of laptops, smartphones and wearables, and home to some of the best Apps, can often cause heated and passionate debates within its community of fans and users. That is what makes this such as fun exercise!

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