Why technology dictates everyone, from individuals to countries

Blog1 - Why technology dictates everyone, from individuals to countries

Technology is something that affects all of us in some or the other measure. It surrounds our daily lives and even dictates our lives. If anything, we have gotten so addicted to technology that even our social interactions today happen through it.

Most of us can’t imagine a life without tech. It would almost be like traveling back to the stone age. Think of your smartphone, for example. Many aspects of our daily life such as work, fitness, sleep etc. tend to revolve around this one gadget. It is absolutely essential in modern life.

And that is exactly what infuriates some. An overutilization of technology, according to them, has destroyed the simplicity that had been present in life. They would argue that it has essentially altered the personality of mankind. Maybe there is an essence of truth behind that thought.

tech1 - Why technology dictates everyone, from individuals to countries

But as we all know from the famous saying, “whether you like it or not, it is here to stay”. It is really true when it comes to tech. Even matters of significance such as the very existence of corporates and businesses are being dictated by whether or not they adapt to technology. Either you innovate, or you perish.

There is a reason why it is so prevalent and so crucial in life. Not only does it bring about simplicity and value to our lives, it also enables substantial time and cost efficiencies. Such efficiencies are important in a world where everyone faces a lack of time on a daily basis.

Think about it. At this point of time, you wouldn’t even be able to imagine a world without smartphones or laptops or WIFI. A mere disruption of internet connection for just 15 mins could have global economies shaking at their knees. Let us embrace this wonderful thing and yet not let it rule our lives.

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