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There is really no shortage of technology resources. You have sites that review products, cover launches and provide advice to the daily consumer. For many of us, the trouble is filtering the endless online information to something that is relevant to us. That is something that Techlitic provides.

And yet, it is good to keep track of a much larger database of news and articles. Established journals and blogs like CrunchBase, TechRadar and Mashable provide expert opinions in addition to news and op-eds. We pick out some of our favorite such resources and recommend them to you.


To us, this has the largest reader community. TechRadar calls itself a source of consumer advice for tech lovers. They write content from your perspective, and focus on your needs and wants. Anything that is hardware, such as TVs, Desktops and Smartphones is reviewed here. In addition, they have a ‘Downloads’ section where they integrate numerous free tools from across the internet.


Mashable is a blog that focuses on multiple lifestyle elements such as entertainment, culture and technology. It is one of the largest blogs in existence, and has been around for a long time. If you want to get your fair share of daily news on anything and everything tech, this should be a must visit for you.


CrunchBase is a blog that focuses on technology and investments in technology. For those of you who are more interested on the financial side of tech, and what startups have raised the next hundreds of millions of Series C financing from Sequoia and other top Venture Capitalists, this is for you.