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This Battery Means Business - Dell 15" Latitude 9520
  • - 3.5
the battery life is the star of the show. The Latitude is top of its class there, and the solid build quality, AI features, and stellar keyboard and touchpad are nice to have as well. There are some customers for whom this laptop might make sense: People for whom the 17-hour battery life is a must-have at all costs, and companies who have need for Dell’s specific security features and enterprise ecosystem.
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A dream for workers and IT departments alike - Dell 14" Latitude 9420
  • - 4.25
As Dell’s and Intel’s representatives have noted, this laptop is really for folks who need both the vPro platform and the Evo platform — the best business features and the best consumer features in one product. If you are in that group, the Latitude 9420 is a solid package that asks very few compromises. It’s premium technology for a premium price.
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Multimedia Laptop convinces with new OLED Panel - Dell 15.6" XPS 15 9510
  • - 4.4
The new XPS 15 9510 with the OLED screen is once again a very good multimedia laptop, but some software/drivers issues prevent a better score and should be fixed soon. You should not expect big performance improvements from the graphics card, because Dell uses one of the slowest version of the GeForce RTX 3050 Ti.
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